Are you aware of the fees that our rescue organization charges? 
This money is used to help save the lives of Shelties in need.
Please give generously.  Recommended donations are:

Under 3 years old -- $450  |   3 - 9 years old -- $400.00 - $350  | 10+ years old -- $150 (varies)
All donations/fees collected are used exclusively for the care of rescued Shelties.
*Please be sure ALL questions are answered.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
So often it's "feast or famine" in the "Rescue Business," and we either seem have too many wonderful homes waiting to adopt Shelties or too many wonderful Shelties waiting for good homes.  And there are many times when there may be no dogs showing on our "Available Shelties" Petfinder list at all -- though that doesn't mean there aren't Shelties getting ready for adoption behind the scenes. At any point there may be a few dogs we don't post on the website for various reasons (e.g., some are being evaluated, some are on medical hold, some are in long-term foster care waiting for just the right home.)  These behind-the-scenes Shelties frequently get adopted without ever having been posted. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our available Shelties; if you would like to get on the waiting list to adopt a Sheltie; or if you would like to volunteer to be a Foster Care Provider, please complete the Application below, then click "Submit Application".  Your application will be reviewed by our volunteers and you will be contacted as quickly as possible. If for any reason you wish to be removed from consideration, we would greatly appreciate your letting us know.  Thank you!
Please note that we have the right to refuse any applicant.
If you are unable to submit this application, you may also download this application in Microsoft Word version by CLICKING HERE, or in Adobe PDF version by CLICKING HERE, and email or U.S. mail the application back to the location indicated on the application.
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Today's Date:
Your Name (First & Last):
Date of Birth:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
May we call you at work?
Email Address:
Do you check your email every day?
Name of dog(s) you are applying for?
Have you submitted an application with any other rescue group?
Why do you want to adopt a rescue sheltie? (Please explain)


Do you have a time and/or patience to housetrain a dog, if it is not already trained?
Would you be willing to take a "Special Needs" (scared, shy, handicapped, or need medication) dog?
Would you be willing to work with a "behavior problem" dog?
Do you have an age preference?
Would you be willing to take an older dog?    Up to what Age?  
Do you have a color preference?
Do you have a size preference?
Do you have a sex preference?
Will you take the opposite sex?

Please put the following in order of importance to you: 1 being the most important, 11 the least important.

I want my new Sheltie to:

Other (Please Explain):


Have you ever owned a Sheltie before?
Are you aware of all of a Shelties needs and habits? (i.e. regular grooming, exercise)
Are you aware that Shelties are "barkers"? (doorbell, phone, UPS man, mailman, strangers, etc.)
Are you aware that a Sheltie is a longhaired, double-coated breed, one that will shed?
Are you aware that Shelties may be somewhat shy around new people, and may take a while for bonding to take place?
Are you also aware that because of their reserved nature, Shelties are a high runaway risk during the first month or more?

Your Current and/or Previous Pets

Tell us about your present and past pets:

Do you currently have any pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.) at home?

If YES, please describe below:

Type/Breed?: Sex?: Fixed?  Age?

Any special circumstances for this pet?


Have you had any pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.) in the past?

If YES, please describe below::

Type/Breed?: Sex?: Fixed?  Age*?

What happened to this pet?


*How Old was this pet when the pet "left" you?

If any of your present or past pets are/were not spayed or neutered, please explain why:

Will you agree to keep all of your current pets, and your new Sheltie, up to date on all of the following:

Vaccinations?  Heartworm Prevention? What Brand?
Flea Prevention What Brand?
Licensed in your County?
What dog food do you plan on feeding your new Sheltie?

Your Current Veterinarian Information:

Vet or Clinic's Name:
Phone Number:
State: Zip:
My vet may be used as a reference:
If NO, please explain:
How often do/did your dogs get groomed?
Who is your groomer?
Groomer's Phone Number:

Your Home:

Who lives in your home?
What are the ages? Important - List the age of every person living (even part-time) in your home:
What are the ages of frequent visitors, if they are minors, and how often?
What is the speed limit of the road you live on?
Type of home you live in:
Does your home have any steps and/or stairs?
If YES, please describe:
How long have you lived there?
Do you own or rent?
If renting, does your landlord allow pets?
Your Landlord's Name and Phone Number:
Do you have a yard for the dog to use?
Is your yard fenced, with no holes or gaps, on all sides, so that a small animal could not escape?
Describe the material and height of your fence?
If you do not have a fence, please select one of the following:
*Other: Please explain
How will you allow this dog to run and get exercise?
*Other: Please Explain
Does a door from your house open directly into the fenced yard?
How will your dog access the area for relieving himself?
Are there any pools, jacuzzis or ponds on your property?
If YES, please describe?
If YES, is it fenced in? 
If YES, please describe fence? 
Are you planning a move in the foreseeable future??
If you were to move, would you insist on a new house having a fenced yard?
If you were to move, what would happen to this dog?

Daily Schedule

Do all adults in the home work away from home?
Will any adults be home during the day with the dog?
Specifically, how many hours will this dog be home alone daily?
Where will this dog stay while home alone?
*If other, please explain:

Please check all that apply in your home:

Busy household - visits by friends, children, parties

Noisy - TV, stereo, machinery, tools, children playing

Moderate - normal comings and goings

Quiet - "homebodies", few guests, stay home a lot

Lots of children in the neighborhood

Live on busy street or highway

Where will this dog spend most of its time?
Are dogs allowed in all rooms in your home? Explain:
Where will the dog sleep at night?
Are dogs allowed on your furniture?
Are you willing to microchip your adopted dog?
Are you willing to license your adopted dog with local authorities?
Are you willing to crate your adopted dog when traveling in car?

Financial Commitment

Are you aware of the financial responsibility of dog ownership, including vet care, medications, food, licensing, shots, grooming, etc.?

AKC reports it costs over $1,000 per year to properly care for a dog.  Will this fit into your budget?

Will you agree to use only a premium, quality dog food for your Sheltie?

Long Term Commitment

If your Sheltie were to get loose and run away, would you be prepared to spend money for posters, ads in newspapers, and rewards, to find it?  Would you go to these lengths?

 Check any of the following circumstances that would cause you to give this dog back to us.  (Check all that may apply)


Are you aware that the process of becoming approved may involve someone from rescue coming out to meet with you and do a home check?
How are you planning on getting this dog to you? (We don't ship dogs) Please explain:


All of the answers I have given are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that if any of my answers are shown to be false at a later time, the adoption contract will become null and void, and I will immediately return the dog back to NorCal Sheltie Rescue.

By submitting this application electronically, this will be considered as to represent your signature. (You may be asked to sign a hard copy at a later date)


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