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Rusty is loving his new home in Port Angeles, WA with Norma and Art, who are thrilled to give this little gentleman a warm and caring home.
Shelby is shown with her very first Agility "Q" ribbon following her first official agility trial in January 2010.  Shelby is fairly competent with her agility skills, but actually getting onto the course is a huge challenge since she has to overcome her fear of every other dog there.   We’re thrilled with her progress and want all  to see that fear aggression can be dealt with quite successfully with patience, compassion and a few tons of ‘high value’ treats.  Tom and Dianne adopted Shelby in April, 2008.
Dakota and Willow

Dakota (merle) and Willow (sable) got to remain together when Juanita and Michael opened their hearts and their home to this sibling pair. 
Missy III

18 month old Missy found herself in our rescue due to her high energy and love of chasing anything that moves and then to barking about it.  She was moved around some before landing on all four paws with us.  We collaborated with Performance Rescue who specializes in the high drive herders. The use of focused positive training techniques toned down Missy's misbehaviors.  Missy now enjoys her daily jogs with her new owner and has become an integral part of her new family!

Joey is living the good life with his new mom, Mary!
Mr. Magoo

Ten year old Mr. Magoo punctuates the start of his urban walks with a happy bark as though to announce that he's outside and happy to be alive!  He is a real lovable cuddle bear of a dog.  He loves to get up on our laps, snuggle into the crook of your arm to have his tummy rubbed until he sleeps.  Mr. Magoo gives bear hugs when you're lying on the floor with him.  He can "speak," roll over and play dead!  Mr. Magoo is a huge hit with family, friends and co-workers.  Thanks to NorCal Sheltie Rescue & his foster mom, Dianne G, for letting me have the opportunity to help one more dog.  I think I'm the lucky one!  ~ Karen K ~
Lilly III

Lilly came to us due to her penchant for herding motorized farm equipment.  Her owner was fearful of her getting hurt so Lilly went to live with Deb and Bob in Redding.  Lilly no longer chases diesels and is learning about walking nicely on a leash and how to be a lady and polite house dog.  She still has lots of energy and sparkles when her dad takes her for walks while his rides in his motorized scooter.  Lilly is clearly the apple of their eye!
Tanner III:

Tanner wasn't neutered and marked/leaked constantly. Oh, how were we going to get him adopted with that behavior?! He is mostly deaf, had 4 remaining badly infected canines which jutted out sideways. His coat was a mess with dreadlocks and feces hanging. He has a severe heart murmur, would yelp if anyone jostled him, and has significant arthritis/difficulty getting up. He had a draining cyst behind his ear, and my vet discovered surgical staples which had never been removed on his side. Who could treat such a perfect gentle and sweet dog like this?

My vet carefully performed 3 surgical procedures on Tanner and what a difference it has made! He never marks indoors and is perfectly housetrained! I use a clicker to get his attention with hand signals. He has 2 cysts which have recently popped up around his neck, and he is on Metacam which has resulted in one episode of the zoomies, scratching of the back and a rollover, and a happier Tanner. I could not ask for a more perfect sheltie, whose only desire in life is to be scratched around the head, be loved, and given a soft bed with a blankie he can bundle up to lay on. He is my constant shadow.  Tonya
Black Jack:

This beautiful senior boy came to us with infected teeth and sinuses.  After a complete makeover at the vet to remove all of his rotten teeth, Black Jack, is a happy, healthy sheltie living the good life with Nancy and Gino. 

Java spent most of her life in a crate before she was surrendered to Sheltie Rescue.   She came to rescue shy and very submissive.  Today, she is in the home she deserves, basking in the love of her new mom and dad, Sandi and Tom, little sheltie brother, Sammy, and feline sister, Alley.  With 14 acres of grass, she now has lots space run free and play.  Java is smelling the roses and loving it. 

Bella came into rescue shy and unsocialized having been left a backyard for 5 years with very little human interaction.  Today she is a gentle and loving sheltie who shares her life with Eric and cat Mia in Roseville. Bella enjoys many activities with her family such as walks, fun outdoor events around town, hikes in the mountains, visiting friends and family…in short, Bella goes everywhere with them. When not out and about, Bella can be seen resting on the couch with her new BFF Mia, or doing zoomies around the house. As Eric stated “We are extremely pleased you chose us to care for Bella. She is a great dog and we are thankful to have her in our lives.” Yes, Bella is home…forever

Diva was happily adopted by Abbey and Daniel in Salinas.
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