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Aly follows a long line of rescued shelties when she was adopted by Kim and David.  This lovely couple moved several times over the years while in pursuit of their chosen post grad degrees.  Over the years they have rescued shelties from Indiana Sheltie Rescue, Colorado Sheltie Rescue and Northern Nevada Sheltie Rescue.  Aly joins rescue girl, Onyx, who came from the Apple Valley animal shelter in southern California.
Missy (sable) loved by new sheltie brother, Buddy, and mom, Heather in Fremont. Missy now goes for 3 mile walks/jogs with her new mom, Heather, on a regular basis. Missy adores her new brother and is happily settled in with her new family.
Several years ago we adopted Rusty while visiting Palm Springs (Blonde Rusty is below Penny on the left.)  He was very shy at first, then after a few months he warmed up to be the best dog we have had. He is truly a perfect dog, with one exception, we felt he needed a canine friend. So this year we were lucky enough to contact the NCSR.  Gale Ann got back to us about Pennie, on top left.  We (as with many of you) fell in love at first sight and when all of us went to visit her, Rusty's tail actually wagged. . . a little bit.  Here we are a month later and the other day both dogs (who claim to be 10+ years old) were running around our house playing. We thank Sheltie Rescue everyday for bringing Pennie into our lives. When we told friends we were getting a dog named Pennie, they joked and said so you will have a Rusty Pennie!  We like to say we have a LUCKY PENNIE with these two!  Thanks,  Jim/Don - Sacramento.
This is an update on Stryker two years after his adoption: 
Stryker is such an awesome dog : )  It has so changed all of our minds about owning a male dog (including his grandparents who adore him )  We will be taking Stryker on his first trip to the coast the first week of March.  We will be staying in Little River which is near  Mendocino.  We are staying at a dog friendly property on 8 acres and they are off leash while at the Inn.  

Also Stryker LOVED the agility-for-fun class we took back in October.   I have signed him up again.  The trainer could not believe how much he has come out of his shell since first starting with the basic obedience class.  Hugs and sheltie kisses, Cheryl, Chris and Stryker.
Watson was surrendered to Sheltie Rescue following the untimely death of his human mom, who had been his constant companion.  Housebroken, crate-trained, and leash-trained, he was a model citizen in the house, with the exception of showing his disdain for parrots.  Outside, he loved to bark and alert his owners to everything that moved.  Although very spoiled and a little overweight, he is a sweet and loving dog, responsive to his owners’ requests.  He was adopted after only two weeks in foster care by Allen and Judy, who will slenderize, exercise, and nurture him for many years to come.
Matteo was surrendered by his owners because they were working long hours and wanted him to have a better, more active life than they could give him.  Very well cared for, he’s a sweet, loving, playful dog. He came to us with all his vaccinations up to date, microchipped, and neutered.  His bags were packed lovingly with many interactive toys and a few treats hidden in Kongs.  The poor little guy loves to travel with his family but gets motion sick on even the shortest trips.  Matteo was adopted quickly by Sam and Eileen, who will keep him busy with walks on the beach, in the redwoods, and along the river.
Ace first came into rescue from an out-of-state hoarding situation.  His owner took him in, provided a warm, safe, loving environment, and helped him progress to a comfortable stage.  However, he was still very shy, preferring to remain outside on his own rather than seek human companionship.  Recognizing that he needed more training and attention, his owner gave him to NorCal Sheltie Rescue.  After about two months in foster care, Ace was adopted to his forever home with Judy, who renamed him Frasier.  He has blossomed under her care, walking daily with his two canine buddies and living the good life.     
Andy is a sweet eight year old boy with Sheltie Skin Syndrome.  His foster family decided to make the arrangement permanent so Andy is set for life.  Here he's shown with his new mom, Jaimi.

www.illinoissheltierescue.com/dm.html for more information
Meggie came to us from a 30+ animal confiscation in the East Bay.  She had never lived outside of a kennel and was about 3 yrs old.  Many volunteers helped her on her journey through foster care with special thanks to Elizabeth and Martin for fostering for her for over a year.  Elizabeth was so patient in helping Meggie overcome many fears.  Both she and Martin helped her learn that humans equal good things; walks are wonderful; and tummy and ear scratches fabulous.  Meggie hit the jackpot when Bonnie and Scott in Rocklin adopted her.  They tested her herding instinct on sheep at the annual Sheltie Picnic in July 2009 and a star was born!
Nine year old Buddy IV spent a lovely time at Liliane’s foster home “spa” to help rid him of extra pounds and get him feeling frisky before going to his new Bay Area home.  Buddy IV is another very lucky rescue sheltie  in that he  will be cuddled and coddled and kept in shape by his new doting owners, Ellen and Pete.   (Buddy is the 4th one we’ve taken into our program that’s with the IV in his name.)
Ranger and Cuddles:
Ranger and Cuddles came into rescue together in Bakersfield.  Their foster mom fell completely in love with them and decided to keep them forever.  They couldn’t have found a better home than with Rosemary. 
Lucy II
Jerry & Ileen agreed to foster Lucy before finding out she tested positive for heartworm disease.  Undeterred, they lovingly cared for her, keeping her sequestered and quiet for over three months as she recovered.  A young and active girl, this was no easy task, especially with her companion dogs running loose on the family compound. Thanks to their perseverance, Lucy is now heartworm-free, playing happily in her huge yard and making up for lost time.  She is still learning some basic obedience commands and house manners but has already developed into a beautiful, affectionate, and respectful Sheltie.
Stormy is adjusting quite nicely to her new home.  She gets a walk every day, even though she was reluctant, at first, to leave the house.  She also gets to go to work with me so she has human companionship almost 24/7.  She loves to run and play and is so fast none of her doggy friends can catch her.  Stormy has started her agility foundation training and learns very quickly.  She's smart as a whip and I hope I can keep up with her.  She is teaching me how to embrace every day.  Stormy wakes up happy, excited and jumps for joy every morning.  We are learning alot from each other.  Thank you Northern CA Sheltie Rescue!!! 
Annabelle found she loves kitty twins, BooCat and SissyCat  and her new sheltie bro, Rocky.  She has found bliss with Kim and Rich in the Santa Cruz mountains. 
Two-year-old Jamie came with a lot of fears and skin and tummy allergies. Under the loving care of his foster mom, who is now his adopter, Jamie’s allergies have almost miraculously cleared up on prescription diet Royal Canin “Whitefish and Potato.” His new mom, Laura, as accepted every challenge Jamie has presented which has made Jamie into a loving and happy boy!
Carly spent the first five months of her life confined to a crate and spent the next three making up for lost time.  After adjusting to the outside world, she has developed into a sweet and loving companion to her new family:  David, Deborah, Olivia, and Wrigley, a 3-year-old Sheltie playmate.
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