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Arrow (aka Rosie)
Bo & Rocky
Heidi & Amy
Punky is a feisty little dog who had trouble relating to large men.  Fortunately, his adopters Pat & Mark went to great lengths to train him to be a good citizen.  He gets along well with his Sheltie companion Jewel, and thinks he has found a special home with all the loving attention hes getting.
Luke is one lucky boy to have found the perfect adopters!  Full of energy and wanting nothing more than to play, his new owners Larry & Rose keep him well exercised and entertained.  He has brought them much joy and continues to impress them with his intelligence, eagerness to please, and good looks.
Rocky was donated to Sheltie Rescue by a breeder. Although raised with other dogs, he was not socialized with people and developed into a shy, withdrawn dog with no visible personality. When adopted, he went to doggie day care and agility classes, where he met many other dogs and their owners.  Eventually, he earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate and went on to become a Certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs International.  He now holds a part-time job at a local health care facility, where he has many friends among the assisted living, dementia, and skilled nursing patients.  He also serves as foster brother for many rescue Shelties who come into his home for rehabilitation prior to adoption.
Bo, the Golden Retriever, and Rocky, the bi-black Sheltie, serve as foster brothers to many rescue Shelties in need of vet care, rehabilitation, socialization, and training prior to adoption.
Penny was a very shy girl when relinquished to Sheltie Rescue by her owner.  She had never been socialized with people, although she tolerated other dogs.  Her new owner, Kathy, reports slow but steady progress in adjusting not only to her new home but also to her 'office', her play dates, and her many outings.  A lovely dog, she is becoming more confident every day and thriving under Kathy's loving care.
PUFF This from Puff's adopter: "I want to tell you a story about Puff. Yesterday my grandchildren were over to decorate my Christmas tree. Stacey (shown in the photo) was in my bedroom playing with Puff. She faked a fall down on the floor. Puff went over and pawed her and she stayed real quiet. When she did not respond, he came rushing and barking into the dining room where I was and ran back to Stacey so I would follow him. He thought Stacey needed help. Just like Lassie! She started laughing but it really warmed my heart to know he is so smart and caring and he knew there was a possible problem. We are all enjoying Puff so much. . .He is barking more -- just to get me trained -- and to let me know what he wants whether it is outside or food. Of course he thinks he should have food every time I go into the kitchen. I do give him small treats sometimes. He loves the tiny raw carrots. I never knew that dogs would eat carrots until I read your articles. He knows when I start getting ready for bed so he jumps up on the bed and waits for me. What a wonderful companion you allowed me to have. I just can't thank you enough... Have a Merry Christmas and New Year... God bless you for your work with Shelties. Always, Mary" (Fresno)
HARLEY is an 8 year old neutered sable and white male Sheltie. He gains a new little Sheltie sister in his new Benicia home with Judy and Brian.
ARROW (formerly Rosie) is a happy girl in Folsom. Here's what her new family writes us, "Arrow is doing great. We just love her! She is a happy, gentle dog. So good with kids and with our Border Collie, Tippy, too. Nine year old Joseph has taken her to three obedience classes and they both are doing great. His big goal is to do agility with her. I'm sure she'll be super. He was the star of the week in his class this week and made arrangements with his teacher for me to bring Arrow into the class to meet everyone. She was so calm. He demonstrated her sit, down, recall and shake hands. He showed his classmates how he's been training her to focus on him using a clicker. She never took her eyes off of him. I've taken her to the dog park with Tippy and met our other dog buddies there several times. She mixes it up with the robust Aussies no problem. I think she's a natural herder. She runs out, circles around the other dogs and then cuts and weaves in front of them all the way back in. She's very "prancey" too. I've got her all brushed out now. I did it little bits at a time with lots of love, praise and treats and thinning shears. She's so happy to be brushed now pain free. You'll be glad to know she enjoys it and even lets Joseph brush her! Arrow has definitely found the right home. We just love her!!

Thanks for everything. If Joseph's twin brother catches the bug and starts saving for his own dog, I'll be in touch! All the best, Tish" (Folsom)
SCOOTER is a wonderful success story. He came into Rescue with a badly fractured front leg. We worked with the wonderful folks at Blue Ravine Animal Hospital in Folsom, to have it surgically repaired. He was lovingly fostered and rehabilitated physically, mentally and emotionally in the very special foster home of Clif and Terry. Scooter is gradually gaining the confidence to use that leg again with the loving encouragment of his new adopter guardians, Kevin and Carol of Santa Maria.
GINA is living happily in Fairfield with her new family including two new brothers -- one human and one Sheltie!
HOLLY: Out for a walk one day, Liz and Jim spied a tiny face peering out from among rock outcroppings. Upon further investigation, they discovered a wary and possibly injured Sheltie. Every day Liz brought food and water and kept the little dog company, but one day the dog disappeared. A few months later, the dog reappeared in the same neighborhood, hiding during the day and searching for food during the night. When she saw the dog in her side yard, Liz put out food and water for her but could not get close enough to catch her. Finally, Liz and a neighbor were successful in capturing her, but the cornered and panic-stricken dog bit the neighbor during the process. They took her to the Auburn Animal Shelter, where she was quarantined for a week and labeled a "biter."

Fortunately, the Shelter contacted Sheltie Rescue, who quickly placed the dog in foster care and assessed her temperament and suitability for adoption. Six weeks later, following a vet checkup, spay procedure, two baths, regular meals, socialization, and lots of TLC, Holly was adopted by Liz and Jim, the couple who originally befriended her. A thoroughly sweet and affectionate little girl, Holly (renamed Sheldon) has found a wonderful forever home with the kind couple who first noticed her plight in the fields around Folsom Auburn Road in Folsom and later got her the attention she so desperately needed.
BUDDY This in from Buddy's new mom, "Just wanted to say hello, send you some recent pictures, and give you an update on Buddy! He has done so well with housebreaking and he is so well behaved that we no longer crate him at night! Buddy likes routines and does well with the morning potty routine that we established. He knows so many commands already. He knows sit, stay, wait, leave-it, down, "bang" (lie on his side), shake, "other hand" shake the other hand), turn left (turn in a circle to the left), heel, "go to bed". Next we'll teach him to turn a circle to the right! We've taught Buddy to stay in the kitchen doorway when I answer the door so that he won't run off while I am at the door or scare a small child. People are always so impressed to see him sitting so nicely while I am at the door. He won't leave unless we put a leash on him. He is well mannered: doesn't steal food, doesn't jump on people. He doesn't like to fetch, so we are able to take him onto the tennis courts with us. Buddy is happy just to play with the kids. Any other dog would be in a frenzy watching all the tennis balls go by! Buddy's weight is just perfect and we brush his teeth often. Buddy's not sure how he feels about his teeth getting brushed, but we are slowly getting him used to it. My dad loves dogsitting when we are away. He walks Buddy twice a day and gives us an update while we are gone. All the older people in the neighborhood stop to pet Buddy and my dad is as proud as can be to show him off. He's the one who couldn't bear to crate Buddy at night. That's how we found out that Buddy has become completely dependable. Hope all is well with you." Gwen C. and family, Burlingame
This is Heidi, a young and little female sheltie with an atrophied front foot with her adopter, Amy. The Stanislaus Shelter staff In Modesto had her as a "guest" for a short while until we came and took her into our rescue program. Our vet said that Heidi's foot was from an old untreated injury and unless she started acting like it is causing her pain to leave it be.

Heidi's adopter is Amy, a disabled Desert Storm vet. She lives in Walnut Creek in a tiny apartment, so Heidi's diminutive size works well for her. Heidi always accompanies Amy to the Vet hospital two or three times per week. The patients there love having their own little Sheltie therapy dog come visit, especially one with a physical disability who is dealing with it, just like many of them. Little Heidi brings joy to the many people she comes into contact with.
Cody spent his first six years with a family in the country, so when he was adopted to a city couple, he struggled at first to adjust.  After a few months under the loving care of John and Nancy, he has learned some new routines, which include daily walks in Golden Gate Park and accompanying his owners when they run errands.  Hes also adapted to the family cat and is giving his owners as much love as hes getting.
When Chip was turned in by his owner, he was covered with engorged ticks.  Otherwise healthy, he was adopted after a short stay in foster care.  His sweetheart disposition has won him many friends and a loving home with Peggy and John in Elk Grove.
Wesley has definitely had some basic obedience training prior to our adopting him; he knows all of the usual commands and has learned several more in his new home with us. He is a very smart and energetic dog, I think he may be even more intelligent than we realize. We kenneled him for the first time (or should I say the "Pet Resort & Spa"?) recently while we went out of town. He did fine, but I was a mess! ha. We missed him so much that our next get away will have to include him for sure!
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